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Our family has been skydiving in Ohio for more than 50 years. We are truly passionate about the sport and our skydiving community. We invite you to join us at beautiful Red Stewart Airfield and hope you'll make Skydive Cincinnati your home dz!

Experienced Pricing

We offer a range of lift ticket prices according to exit altitude.

Option Cost

Lift Ticket - 3,500 feet


Lift Ticket - 4,500 feet


Lift Ticket - 5,500 feet


Lift Ticket - 6,500 feet


Lift Ticket - 7,500 feet


Lift Ticket - 8,500 feet


Lift Ticket - 9,500 feet


Lift Ticket - 10,500 feet


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The entire staff was great, loved the location and I was comfortable from start to finish.

» Aaron T.