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Welcome to Skydive Cincinnati!

Skydive Cincinnati, formerly Skydive Warren County, is a family owned and operated dropzone located in Waynesville, OH, just a short drive from both Cincinnati and Dayton, OH. Our family has been skydivng in Ohio since 1969 and we are the Tri-State’s oldest United States Parachute Association member dropzone. We welcome both first-time and experienced skydivers and provide tandem skydiving, AFF, and Static-Line training.

Our 50+ years of skydiving experience, combined with our clost proximity to both Cincinnati and Dayton, make Skydive Cincinnati the number one choice for skydiving in Ohio.

How We’re Different

Our dropzone is uniquely different than most other skydiving operations in the world starting with its owner, Jaime Praeter. As a female skydiving business owner, Jaime is a rarity in the male-dominated world of skydiving owned businesses. As a third-generation skydiver, Jaime has had skydiving in her DNA having grown up on the same property in which we skydive today. The 40-acre property was first purchased by Praeter’s grandfather, “Grandpa” Red Stewart in 1945 – skydiving was introduced to the family airport in 1960!

As a dropzone owner, Praeter has built a well-respected business by focusing on customer experience whereby her guests never feel like a number. Jaime recognizes that skydiving is a life-changing experience and she goes out of her way to ensure everyone feels welcomed and part of her skydiving family whether from Columbus, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, or even as far away as New Zealand!


If you’re looking for a place to skydive near Dayton, Skydive Cincinnati is the perfect choice! Located in Waynesville, OH, our skydiving center is just a short drive southeast of downtown Dayton, OH.

Our skydiving center is proudly family owned and operated. In fact, Skydive Cincinnati is Ohio’s oldest USPA member dropzone – we’ve been skydiving Datyon, Ohio and the Tri-State area since 1969!

We strive to provide each and every one of our guests with an unforgettable skydiving experience. We offer tandem skydiving, AFF, Static-Line, and solo skydiving for experienced jumpers. If it’s your first-time skydiving, our highly experienced tandem skydiving instructors will ensure that you have a safe and comfortable skydive. Your safety is always our number one priority.

So, what are you waiting for? There’s no better time to experience the thrill of skydiving than now! Book your Dayton skydive today!


Do you live in Cincinnati? Are you looking for a place to go skydiving near Cincinnati?

Look no further! Skydive Cincinnati is located in Waynesville, OH is just a short 45min drive from downtown Cincinnati. We are your #1 choice for skydiving Cincinnati!

Our family owned and operated dropzone has been serving the Tri-State area since 1969. We are passionate about skydiving and would love to host you for the skydiving adventure of a lifetime! Contact us today for more information or book your Cincinnati skydive online now.

Skydive Near Columbus, Ohio

If you’re searching for skydiving in or near Columbus, Ohio and you’ve landed on this page, welcome! You’ve come to the right place! Skydive Cincinnati is located just 73 miles southeast of Columbus, Ohio – we have hosted Columbusites seeking their first jumps since 1960!

Getting to us is super easy – we’re a straight shot down I-71 from downtown Columbus to our beautiful location on our all-grass airport.


In the world of skydiving, few dropzones are ever located within the city limits of a city center due to the need for clear airspace and away from major airports. Because of this, it’s not unusual to travel between 40 and 90 minutes to go skydiving based on your location. Here are the skydiving options near Columbus, Ohio:

Skydiving Near Columbus, Ohio
Skydive Greene County Xenia, Ohio 61 miles from Columbus
Skydive Cincinnati Waynesville, Ohio 73 miles from Columbus
AerOhio Ashland, Ohio 83 miles from Columbus
Start Skydiving Middletown, Ohio 90 miles from Columbus


As you can see, if you wish to go skydiving, you’re spoiled for choice with the many places to skydive near Columbus. So which is the right one for you? Here are a few tips to help you determine the best place to go skydiving near Columbus (or anywhere for that matter).

Skydiving Aircraft

Safety Is Our Number One Priority

At Skydive Cincinnati we believe that safety is critical which is why we always make aircraft maintenance a top priority.

Our Cessna 182 aircraft is meticulously maintained to ensure that your skydiving experience is as comfortable and safe as possible.

The History of Skydive Cincinnati

Skydive Cincinnati, formerly known as Skydive Warren County, is truly a unique family business with roots in aviation stretching as far back as 1945 when “Grandpa” Red Stewart purchased 40 acres of land in Waynesville, Ohio. Red and Irene Stewart raised their sons, Emerson “Cub”, Steve, and David in a house attached to the main aircraft hangar at the newly developed Waynesville Airport located on Rural Route 2, now known as State Route 42.

In 1960, a group of skydiving pioneers, the Cincinnati Sport Parachute Jumpers, made their home at Waynesville Airport and thus planted the seed that would eventually end up as Skydive Warren County, now known as Skydive Cincinnati.

While all three boys thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of aviation, Steve’s passion was skydiving. The skydivers taught “Little Stevie” how to pack parachutes and let him assist with small chores of the skydiving operation.

In 1966, “Little Stevie” was able to make his first skydive at Waynesville Airport at the age of 16. During high school, he continued with his passion and became a proficient skydiving instructor. In 1969, the year he graduated from Waynesville High School, Steve started the Waynesville Sport Parachute Club. The Cincinnati Sport Parachute Jumpers, then known as the Queen City Skydivers, had decided to hang up the operation and hand the reigns over to Steve.

Beginning in 1969, the business began as a few young kids just out of high school with a passion for true human flight. Steve Stewart combined professionalism, innovation and safety to create one of the world’s most intriguing family businesses.

Steve became extremely interested in the growth of the skydiving industry and wanted to bring the joy that he experienced every day to the mainstream. In addition to skydiving instruction and licensed skydiving services, Steve became an Federal Aviation Administration Master Rigger and Designated Parachute Rigger Examiner and in 1977 Steve developed one of two of the first modern “piggy back” container system in skydiving called the Sweethog. At the time, the majority of parachutes in use were military surplus equipment and home made variations of this type of parachuting equipment. Steve was one of the pioneers to bring the main and reserve parachute into one container system which was worn on your back, rather than your main parachute on your back and your reserve parachute on your front. This type of container system is now an industry standard and has dramatically improved the safety and reliability of parachutes today. The Sweethog, having gone through many dramatic changes since the past, can still been seen on skydivers across the globe.

In 1987 the Stewart’s and their young children embarked on a journey in Richmond, Indiana to bring the sport of skydiving to a completely new level by starting what is now known as Richmond “THE” Boogie. A six-day skydiving festival for area licensed skydivers to jump out of exotic aircraft and with the best professionals in the industry. This event became the second largest skydiving event in the world, second only to the World Free Fall Convention in Rantoul, Illinois. The final event was hosted in 2009 making for a 22 year stretch… one of the longest, continuously operated skydiving events in the history of the sport.

The Stewart’s hosted the event every year and found, in Richmond, the possibility for expansion for their overwhelming large business. Having made solid relationships with the Board of Aviation Commissioners in Richmond, Indiana he and his wife Janie decided to take the next big step, moving the main facilities from the family airport in Waynesville, Ohio to the spacious Richmond Municipal Airport in Richmond, Indiana.

Beginning in 2001, one of the first 3rd generation skydiving centers made its debut with a fresh new face and new ideas with the Stewart kids. At the DZ now you will find the now adult “kids” (with the occasional cameo from Dad) all working towards one common goal… to raise skydiving to new heights!

We consider ourselves a lucky group of people to have have enjoyed a fantastic success with our family and business; introducing, every year, thousands of people to the exhilaration of human flight, helping people overcome obstacles and helping to enrich their lives with adrenaline, community and family.


I entrusted them with my life last year, and im gonna do it again this year. Need i say more?
Scott S.
I entrusted them with my life last year, and im gonna do it again this year. Need i say more?
Scott S.
Scott S.