5 Tips To Enhance the Skydiving Experience

Published: August 7, 2015

Get ready for one of the most exciting adventures life has to offer! While we know you'll have a great time, there are a few tips that will enhance your experience that much more. Here are five tips to ensure a great time:

Earlier is Better

One of the most common questions we receive is "What's the best time of day to skydive?" The answer is early. The earlier the better and here's why:

  • Cooler temperatures. If it's sweltering, beat the heat and enjoy the cooler temps at 10,500 feet.
  • Shorter wait times. Wait times are the bane of skydiving, but due to fueling, repacking parachutes, and being at the mercy of the weather, it's possible for a kink to occur causing a bottleneck. It doesn't always happen, but it can happen. If your group is the first reservation of the day, you can avoid all delays with the exception of those caused by weather.
  • Weather Delays. If there are weather delays, be the first one to get on the first aircraft instead of waiting for other groups ahead of you to jump. This happens if you snag that first booking time of the day! Also, weather delays tend to occur in the late afternoons as afternoon thunderstorms begin to build.

Eat Normally

Many people worry about throwing up during the skydive, so choose not to eat. THIS IS A MISTAKE. Those that feel sick are usually the ones that chose not to eat. With the incredible surge of adrenaline and nervous energy, blood sugar levels plummet making you feel ill. We don't advise you to gorge yourself on Taco Bell, but we do suggest eating a normal balanced meal. Also, stay hydrated!

Book During the Week or on Sunday

If you prefer to sleep in on Saturdays, try to jump on a Sunday or during the week. Saturdays are the busiest days at all skydiving centers around the world. Usually, weekday rates are less expensive (that's the case here) and are less busy... So beat the crowd and save some money by jumping during the week. Though the Sunday rate is the same as the Saturday rate, it's usually less busy.

Don't Be in a Rush

Skydiving is not an activity where you show up and then immediately do it. There are processes and delays that occur. We recommend that you plan to be at the dropzone for between three to five hours. Our goal is to get all of our guests registered, trained, and jumped in a smooth fashion, but we don't rush the process. We ask that you not be in a rush or have a tight schedule between jumping and having an appointment to do a closing on your house ;-) Relax, enjoy the experience, and have a good time!

Get a Skydiving Video

Of course, we'd have this on our list - more revenue for us, right? Yes, we do make more money if you purchase any of our photo or skydiving video packages, but the truth is the majority of our customers who don't get photos are disappointed. Making a skydive is more than just a roller coaster ride. You will test yourself as you sit in the open door of a plane at 10,500 feet. This is a thrilling moment and one you'll wish to have a photo of... not to mention your Facebook page will explode!

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The experience was FABULOUS, thank you...Although scared, all of you eased my nerves & made it great. I will do this again with all of you!!!

» Kelli H.