The Best Adventures in Ohio

Published: July 24, 2015

Aviation enthusiasts know that Dayton, Ohio is the birthplace of aviation and it's also a great place to experience it as well. Here we list our favorite local companies that will take you to the skies whether under the power of an engine, thermals, or a parachute! If you're seeking an adventure, this is the post for you!

Skydive Cincinnati

Are we biased that we're on the top of this list... probably. Despite this, we still believe that what we offer is the best adrenaline experience in the world. We're experienced and our history in aviation dates back to 1945. We are continuously improving our facilities and strive to deliver the best experience possible for our guests. If you haven't given skydiving a try yet... allow us to take you on the adventure of a lifetime!

Gentle Breeze Hot Air Balloons

We've jumped off of a few balloons in our time, but if you'd rather enjoy a tranquil ride either at sunrise or sunset, then Gentle Breeze Hot Air Balloons is the place to go. Gentle Breeze is a family-owned and operated business and they consistently have great reviews.

How Air Balloons Website | TripAdvisor Reviews

Learn To Fly at Red Stewart Airfield

Red Stewart Airfield and Skydive Cincinnati share the same airport and visiting the flight school at Red Stewart are worth the trip if you'd like to learn how to fly, ride or go for a glider ride. Aviation is in the blood of the Stewart family and connects the airfield and Skydive Cincinnati together. One of Red's sons was "Little Stevie" who took to skydiving more than any other family member. The legacy of aviation and skydiving continues today.

Location: 4925 N. State Route 42, Waynesville, OH 45068
Red Stewart Airfield Website

Caesar Creek Soaring Club

The Caesar Creek Soaring Club is synonymous with soaring throughout the United States. Today CCSC boasts more than 200 members and remains one of the largest and oldest clubs in the US. CSSC offers flight instruction, club sailplanes, and intro flights for the public. CCSC is the largest soaring club east of the Mississippi and has garnered a great reputation.

Location: 5375 Elbon Rd Waynesville, OH 45068
Caesar Creek Soaring Club Website

Fly Ohio - Powered Paragliding

Powered paragliding involves a parachute, but rather than jumping from an airplane, the parachute used for paragliding is its fixed-wing. This is a blast and takes minimal time. Fly Ohio has recently moved to Wisconsin, but we think it's worth it to still publish this little company here because they've done an awesome job for years! This should be on your bucket list!

Location: 6186 Killdeer Court, Burlington WI 53105
Fly Ohio Website

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