First Time Skydiving Tips

Published: February 1, 2021

The nervous excitement of doing something for the first time is hard to match, especially when that something is as epic as skydiving. Naturally, you are curious to know what this new adventure will entail. The best place to look for first skydive tips is with a company that knows skydiving. After 52 years of experience providing skydiving in Ohio, as the Tri-State's oldest United States Parachute Association dropzone, Skydive Cincinnati has seen its fair share of first-time skydivers.

Drawing from our ample expertise, we have compiled a list of first time skydiving tips to make sure you are all set for your very first skydive.

Read Over The Frequently Asked Questions

Our first piece of sage advice is a simple one: check out the FAQs. Many dropzones have created a section on their website to address frequently asked questions. At Skydive Cincinnati, we even have a section of our skydiving FAQs dedicated to our first-time skydivers. The FAQs contain information that will help you ensure the day of your first skydive goes smoothly. Additionally, we also provide additional first time skydiving tips for what to wear, when you should arrive, and inclement weather practices.

first time skydiving tips

When In Doubt, Reach Out

It is possible the FAQs will not answer all of your questions. That is what we are here for! Before your first skydive, your brain is brimming with endless inquiries. We are here to answer them. As an added bonus, speaking with one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives can also do a great deal to assuage any feelings of pre-jump anxiety you might have. Contact Skydive Cincinnati via phone, email, or our online contact form. We are happy to help.

Catch Enough Zzzz's

You spend roughly one-third of your life sleeping, and you will want to be wide awake for your first jump. In general, sleep is a crucial part of the body's renewal and regulatory cycle, keeping hormones in check and helping the mind stay sharp. It can be easy to let the excitement of your first skydive affect your circadian rhythm, but it is important you catch those zzz's. Relaxing music, hot tea, winding down before bed with a good book: if you have a tried and true method to keep insomnia at bay, the night before your first skydive, use it.

Snack Away

Somewhere along the line, people began to believe that they shouldn't eat before skydiving. When, in reality, the choice to skip a meal before your jump is a big mistake. It is rare that someone will get sick from eating before his or her first skydive. It is much more likely that an individual will get sick from experiencing the surge of adrenaline that skydiving brings on an empty stomach. That being said, don't eat a four-course meal before your jump. Rather, eat a light, moderate meal and consider bringing some snacks to tide you over while you wait.

Don't Be Camera Shy

Your first skydive is a big life event. You should treat it like one. This skydive could be the first of many to come or a completely one-and-done ordeal. In the first instance, after this skydive, everything will change. Don't you want to be able to have a record of who you were before, a record of that pivotal moment that changed everything? In the second instance, if this is the only time you'll make a skydive, why not capture the memory and the ability to relive the splendor for years to come? We are just saying... now is not the time to be camera shy!

first time skydive tips

Embrace the Jitters

There's nothing wrong with being nervous for your first skydive. After all, you are about to step from an aircraft into the vast, boundless sky. It is not an everyday occurrence. So many people try to fight back their nerves, which in turn, only makes the feelings of apprehension worse. Instead, it is more effective to embrace the jitters. You are tense and that is OK. As you ride to altitude, focus on your breathing. As you exit the plane, let out a yell. Within moments, your air bath will have washed that fear away. It is time to fly!

Now that you're equipped with first time skydiving tips, are you ready to commit? Book your tandem with Skydive Cincinnati today!

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