Top Summer Bucket List Item: Skydiving!

Published: June 22, 2020

Top Summer Bucket List Item: Skydiving!

After not being able to do much outside our own homes these past few months, it's finally time to start gathering some summer bucket list ideas. If you're looking for something thrilling and unforgettable, skydiving is the unique bucket list idea you're seeking!

Not sure if adding skydiving to your bucket list is for you? Here are some reasons to reconsider.

Overcoming the Challenge

Skydiving makes a lot of people feel very nervous. The idea of jumping out of a plane thousands of feet over the ground and free-falling can feel a little overwhelming, but imagine how great you'll feel once you overcome that fear? The serenity that comes after that moment of exhilaration from the free fall while you float to the ground is incomparable to anything else you might add to your bucket list. If you're worried about taking that first jump alone, don't be! First-time divers are asked to take a tandem skydive with an instructor who will make everything as straightforward as possible for you.

The Unforgettable Experience

What's more important for a bucket list item than for it to be an unforgettable experience? Those 60 seconds of freefall with the wind whipping around you at 120 mph is one of the most breathtaking moments you'll ever experience. Nothing else matters and you're completely in the moment. Those 5-7 minutes spent floating down through the air, gives you time to look out across the world below you and have time to reflect or just relax and enjoy yourself. Make sure to get the most out of your experience and take the time to prepare yourself before your jump.

The Adrenaline Rush

Your summer bucket list just isn't complete without something that will pump adrenaline through your body like nothing else. From the moment you put your gear on, to when the plane takes off, to the freefall, to landing, the feeling of adrenaline through your body is unlike anything else you might experience. You'll be living entirely in the moment and you won't have to worry about anything else.

You'll Be the Coolest Person in the Room

When it comes to bucket list ideas, there's just something extra satisfying about checking off something you can brag about. Being able to talk about the experience of a lifetime that everyone else in the room will have questions about will undeniably make you one of the coolest people at a summer cookout.

The Self-Discovery

Free falling sounds scary and it can be, especially your first time. But it can also be an incredibly safe and freeing experience. As we said, you aren't worried about anything else in that moment other than the feeling of the wind around you and the world out below you. Living entirely present in those 60 seconds and overcoming that fear can inspire you to go out and do things you might have never considered before. After all, if you can jump out of a plane 10,000 feet off the ground, what else can't you do?

Plenty of Dropzones

If you're ready to add skydiving to your bucket list, you might be worried about where you can go to do it. It might feel like an experience you have to travel for, but you don't actually have to go far to check off your life bucket list. Don't worry about having to spend the night in a hotel or taking a long drive and making multiple stops, especially if you're worried about exposure to coronavirus. You can take the jump right outside of Cincinnati at our location.

Ready to add skydiving to your summer bucket list? Book now here at Skydive Cincinnati and check that first item off your summer bucket list.

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