Skydiving Weather Woes?

Published: June 20, 2018

Planning any outdoor activity around weather is a daunting task, but trying to plan the perfect day for an activity as weather dependant as skydiving is one of the hardest and frustrating things you can do.

Skydiving is heavily weather dependant... winds, precipitation, low clouds, too many clouds, excessive heat and cold all affect whether or not we are able to skydive. Because of this, there are times that we have to regrettably send our excited first-time jumpers home without having made a skydive to come back on another day. However, weather forecasts are generalized for a large area and often times don't accurately forecast what is happening within the forecasted region.

In addition, as our weather patterns become more volatile even the weather forecasters fail when trying to forecast what our weather might do on a given day. As a result, many people have become frightened to even take the chance to come to see us on their scheduled jump day, which more often than not ends up being a poor choice because we end up able to skydive.

To avoid rescheduling over and over, pay less attention to the weather forecasters, and give us a call! We can tell you the real-time weather where we are. Often times a 50% chance of storms means that a large portion of the forecasted area doesn't see a single raindrop all day. We are also constantly monitoring aviation forecasts, real-time radar, and satellite, which are more detailed and updated more often than the weather forecasts that most of us see on our phones or TV.

skydiving weather

While there are going to be days that we simply cannot skydive due to weather conditions, during our summer and early fall months we have the most seasonable weather with little hiccups. The spring and late fall can also be great times to skydive, but do have more weather systems to contend with. However, we are always watching the weather and do our best to give you the most accurate information possible!

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