What Does Skydiving Feel Like?

Published: January 12, 2021

Ask someone who just landed from a skydive to describe what it felt like and they'll probably say indescribable. That's because trying to find the words to describe what it feels like to skydive is like trying to find a light switch in the dark when the room is actually the whole house, and there is only one switch (weird floorplan right?).

But the attempt to figure out what skydiving feels like makes perfect sense, before flinging yourself with reckless abandon to the mitts of the unknown, you want to know at least a little of what that unknown is going to be like.

So let's break it down a bit.

what does skydiving feel like

The nitty-gritty of a skydiving experience is roughly composed of three parts: a plane ride, freefall, and parachute descent. Note that this truncated version does not include the jitters of walking up to check-in or the sometimes anxious anticipation that flits about your mind as you wait your turn to meet with your instructor to gear up. Although, these are valid portions of the day as well.

At any rate, each of the aforementioned three sections (plane ride, freefall, and parachute descent) impart their own influence on the total feeling of the skydiving experience.

Plane Ride

Aside from getting you to the height you need to safely skydive, the plane ride is an experience all it's own. With an effort that feels like a tug, the plane will lift from the ground. Incrementally you'll watch the airfield grow small beneath you as the plane ascends. For some these moments are filled with quiet contemplation. For others, there is a jovial atmosphere with jokes being batted between you and your instructor or you and the pal you roped into jumping with you. Though there's a hint of nervous energy, the air is primarily saturated with expectation. It's when the correct altitude is reached and the door opens, that with a start, most people realize they've never been in a plane with an open door before! At this moment, there's a rush of clarity. You realize in a few moments you'll be on the other side of that door.

skydiving feeling


This is the part of the skydive most people focus on. So many wonder, does skydiving feel like a drop tower? We're happy to say none of that stomach-lurching nonsense is present during the freefall of your skydive. On a drop tower, you go from complete stillness to a rushing speed of about 60 mph with no gradual change. Because the plane is moving at a steady speed of 80-90 mph, upon exit, you don't feel a drop as you reach your freefall terminal velocity of 120 mph.

Parachute Deployment and Descent

A common query we are given about this particular portion of the experience is does skydiving hurt? In general, the parachute opening is more gentle than you would imagine. This is because skydiving parachutes are designed to open with a staged sequence. This helps to absorb the shock of the transition from freefall to parachute flight.

Flying under a parachute is one of the most incredible feelings there is. With a birds-eye view, you can take in the surrounding countryside at eye level with the clouds.

Not satisfied?

Here are some other things you will feel during your jump.

Positively Free

There is no greater feeling of freedom than on a skydive. It feels like you are bound by nothing. You are limitless. Thankfully, the binds of responsibility and obligation have no place in the sky. Skydiving feels positively freeing.

Completely Engulfed

Because of all the new stimulus, you'll likely experience a bit of sensory overload on your skydive, but trust us, this is the good kind. Literally flooded with all the feel-good hormones your body can muster, you'll approach something close to euphoria. When you land, you won't believe what you've just done. It's a high (pun intended) you'll ride for hours after. You'll be completely engulfed by your skydiving experience.

Entirely Peaceful

On a skydive, there is no work to worry over or deadlines to fret about. There's just this one glorious moment you're living in. Though hard to believe, a skydive feels entirely peaceful.

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First ever sky diving experience and it was awesome! Instructor Joe was great and managed to keep me calm. We'll definitely be back!

» Paige A.