Published: November 7, 2022

Start 2023 with adventure and excitement with one of our fantastic deals!!

Skydive Cincinnati is offering our Basic Tandem Skydive at an amazing $189 for our lowest deal of the year! Want to stock up on some inexpensive tandem skydives for yourself... or others? There are no limits to how many you may purchase, you simply have to use them all in one season!

Want to try this on your own? In addition to a single Tandem skydive option, this year we are offering a special offer for our most popular solo program for only $169! This includes the full length ground school and your first solo skydive! No prior experience required.. no kidding! This program is made for someone that has never jumped before!

Please check our gift card store to buy yours today!

FMI please contact us via email at or by telephone at 513-282-3725

All gift cards are completely transferrable but are non-refundable!

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I will always come back to Skydive Warren County. I love supporting a family owned and operated business. You guys are the greatest!!! Thanks again!!!! I will be back!!

» Barbara B.