Published: November 1, 2021

It happens every year... right about the end of October there is an influx of new & excited first time skydivers rearing to take the leap! Sometimes we get lucky and have amazing fall weather and sometimes... well, we just don't get so lucky.

Many people are unaware that skydiving in an activity that is so highly affected by weather conditions and the further into the colder months we get the more weather obstacles we encounter. Winds, cloud clearances, preciptation and even temperatures heavily influence whether or not we can skydive.

While we want every day to be a skydiving day, we realize our limitations. We close completely December through February for all first time skydiving and most skydiving in general. We do try to remain open if weather permits during the months of November and in March and open for our regular season April through October, weather permitting of course.

Some minimums to aim for when planning during the off season months are a forecasted mostly sunny or sunny day with temperatures 50 degrees or above. Our minimum is 45 but strongly recommend 50 for your comfort. Winds can be tricky but if you see a forecast for a windy day you can bet we won't be jumping. We also strongly recommend looking to the day before forecast for the most accurate as further out than a day will be less accurate.

If you are interested in skydiving during this time of year, please email us at to discuss options or call us @ 513-282-3725 on Saturday & Sundays for our current weather conditions are ability to take customers on tandem skydives!

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