Published: November 19, 2020

2020 has been a gem hasn't it? Skydiving is another small sector of our economy that had mixed response during this year. In southern Ohio/ Northern Kentucky it seemed that many adventure seekers chose either our solo first jump programs for more social distancing options while skydiving or simply chose to stand down on their skydiving aspirations.

First, we wanted to make sure that all customers understand that all purchases with us are good from 24 months from the date of purchase! So don't sweat it! If you purchased sometime in the mid to late of 2019 you should have plenty of time to use your purchase without additional fees. If you find yourself with an expired certificate or purchase we offer very reasonable "re-up" pricing to get in the air!

Second. What we are doing to keep ourselves and you safe! During our 2020 season we required face masks, single use goggles and neck gaiters to keep it all together while looking cool. All of these items were provided to you free of charged based on regular pricing. Any special pricing or pre 2020 is subject to a $20 COVID charge unless you are able to provide these items yourself. We also have disinfected our aircraft as much as possible and reduced contact with reusable jump suits to avoid any potential germ transfer. Our customers and staff are checked daily for temperature and are encouraged to santize and wash their hands often.

One of the great things about skydiving is that we spend almost all of our time outdoors, keeping the risk low of encountering viral transmission while outside.

Of course none of us know what 2021 will look like but in the event that we require the extra steps we did this past season we are ready! Please feel free to drop us a note with any questions you may have!

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