Skydiving's most extreme way to introduce you to exhilaration of human flight! Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) will take you to the edge and back and leave you thirsting for more!

Change your life forever with skydiving's most accelerated novice program! Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) begins with a comprehensive ground school, including specialized free fall training, and will end with your skydive, weather permitting. The Accelerated Freefall skydive is performed from 10000' (feet) above the ground. You and two certified AFF Instructors will exit the aircraft and free fall together for approximately 60 seconds.

During your skydive you will actually perform a "dive flow" that you practiced while in training and deploy your own parachute at the end of your skydive. The instructors are there to help you maintain your stability while in free fall as well as monitor your skydive for further debriefing on the ground. Once you deploy your main parachute, you will enjoy your very own, solo, descent and landing. We will assist you from the ground with complimentary ground to air radio contact to help you enjoy every last second of your parachute flight.

Accelerated Free Fall is available to those that are no more than 245 lbs and in good physical condition. Contact us today to book your jump!

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