The Static Line program is a proven way to achieve the thrill of a lifetime. Static Line enables you to combine the most modern safety techniques and training for your very own personal skydiving experience!

The day that you choose to make your first skydive through the Static Line method will entail a comprehensive ground school and your skydive following, weather permitting. The Static Line skydive is performed from 3500' (feet) above the ground out of our Cessna 182. Once you exit the aircraft, a lanyard or static line, which is packed into your main parachute container, will extend its full length and aid in the opening of your main parachute. The free fall time you will experience is approximately 7 seconds before your parachute begins deployment. Once your parachute is open, you will enjoy your very own, solo, descent and landing. On the ground, we will assist you with complimentary ground to air radio to help you enjoy every last second of your parachute flight.

The Static Line program is all about you and your personal accomplishment. With our thorough ground training and your determination the Static Line experience is truly an accomplishment of a lifetime!

Static Line is available to those that are no more than 245 lbs and are in good physical condition.

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Absolutely awesome place!! The whole staff is helpful, friendly, and so patient!

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