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Tandem Skydiving Cincinnati


Tandem Skydiving makes it easy for nearly everyone to enjoy the amazing thrill of skydiving safely and easily, no experience required!

Your tandem skydiving experience will begin with a brief ground school where you’ll receive training in skydiving fundamentals and body positioning. Next, you’ll get geared up and head to the aircraft with your tandem instructor to begin your ultimate experience. You will exit the aircraft from 10,000 ft above the ground, attached to your instructor in a parachute made for two! You will free fall for approximately 50 seconds, enjoying a view that only birds have seen. Upon the deployment of your main parachute, you and your instructor will enjoy a scenic parachute flight before touching back to the earth.

Tandem skydiving is an excellent way to taste the experience of a lifetime and gear up for your very own solo skydive!

Have questions about tandem skydiving? Visit our FAQ page to find answers to our most frequently asked questions or read reviews from Cincinnati skydiving guests.

***Tandem is available to those that are no more than 225 lbs and are in good physical condition.

Please note, while Tandem Skydiving is the most common way most people make their first Skydive, you can choose to do a solo jump in our static line experience or accelerated freefall experience


Watch the videos below to learn more about the differences between Tandem Skydiving, Accelerated Free Fall, and Static Line.

I entrusted them with my life last year, and im gonna do it again this year. Need i say more?
Scott S.
I entrusted them with my life last year, and im gonna do it again this year. Need i say more?
Scott S.
Scott S.

Tandem Skydiving Options

**Prices Subject to Change Without Notice**

Option Starting at $269

Basic Tandem Skydiving Package – Camera Shy? This is your bag!

A Tandem Skydiving Experience with no media


Choice Tandem Skydiving Package – Our Most Popular Package & Absolute Best Deal!

Tandem Skydiving and High Definition Media Package including video and still photos

Premium Tandem Skydiving Package – Your own private photographer $418

Ultimate Tandem Skydiving Package – The Ultimate Media Package!

Tandem Skydiving with the Rockstar Media Package (Hand-Cam & Flying Photographer view points combined)