Skydiving Pictures & Video Services

Capture and Share Your Skydiving Video!

Share and enjoy high-definition digital pictures and videos of your tandem skydive with Skydive Cincinnati’s media services.

Let us capture the most amazing footage of your incredible tandem skydiving experience everyone you know will want to watch! You can then upload to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and your other social networks!


We offer three skydiving media packages so you can choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

The Choice Package is both high-def professionally edited video and digital stills taken from a camera on your Tandem instructor’s wrist. The package includes both your jump and parachute ride, take-off and landing.

The Premium Package is also a professionally edited video and stills taken from a camera on a flying photographer who jumps with you in free fall to capture the dramatic larger view of you high in the wild blue.

The Ultimate Package combines both the close-up, selfie-like perspective of the hand-cam and the wide angle of the flying photographer!

Which package is best for you? The choice package is the best view of your expressions and parachute ride; the premium package does not include close-ups of your parachute ride but has the best views of your exit into free fall and your landing while the ultimate gives you the best of both!


No one has ever regretted getting a media package — imagine how excited your friends and family will be to see your awesome skydive, sharing in the thrill and heart-stopping adventure and sublime parachute flight on Facebook and YouTube!

View pricing for our different skydiving video and photo packages below:

Option Starting at $269

Basic Tandem Skydiving Package – Camera Shy? This is your bag!

A Tandem Skydiving Experience with no media


Choice Tandem Skydiving Package – Our Most Popular Package & Absolute Best Deal!

Tandem Skydiving and High Definition Media Package including video and still photos

Premium Tandem Skydiving Package – Your own private photographer $418

Ultimate Tandem Skydiving Package – The Ultimate Media Package!

Tandem Skydiving with the Rockstar Media Package (Hand-Cam & Flying Photographer view points combined)


**Prices Subject to Change Without Notice**

I entrusted them with my life last year, and im gonna do it again this year. Need i say more?
Scott S.
I entrusted them with my life last year, and im gonna do it again this year. Need i say more?
Scott S.
Scott S.